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About MagnaTek

The MagnaTek Magnetic Fuel Saver is manufactured by MagnaTek Systems. Canadian owned and operated, we serve the residential and industrial marketplaces throughout the world.

In business for the past 15 years, MagnaTek specializes in magnetic fluid conditioning systems for industrial and commercial applications. MagnaTek has recently adapted this technology for the treatment of fuel systems for most vehicles and machinery. Our naturally-working, cost-effective products are especially helpful to reduce emissions, increase power and save on fuel costs.

Because we are committed to the safety of our customers—and the well-being of our planet—the MagnaTek Fuel Saver systems are all chemical free. We don’t put chemicals into your vehicles and machinery. Consequently, we don’t contribute to environmental pollution.

Our revolutionary clamp-on Fuel Saver magnets alter the form of fuel at the molecular level. Through simple physics, clusters of molecules are fractured and broken apart. The result is that complete burning of the fuel occurs.

When the Fuel Saver magnets are properly installed on a fuel line just before the combustion chamber, the results are reduced emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and greater power because the fuel is burning hotter and more completely.

By using MagnaTek Fuel Savers, you contribute to a cleaner environment while saving money on fuel costs and reduced wear on your equipment---whether it is a car, truck, bus, boat, snowmobile, personal watercraft, furnace, boiler, or any other piece of machinery fueled by gasoline, diesel or natural gas.

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