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Installation of MagnaTek Fuel Conditioning System into Cars, Small Trucks, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles and Boats


The MagnaTek fuel conditioning system is a unique, fuel economy and pollution reduction device that utilizes magneto-hydrodynamic technology to improve the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.  

Composed of high-strength, permanent ceramic magnets, the MagnaTek fuel conditioning system easily installs in minutes by strapping on the inbound fuel line before the combustion chamber. 

Once installed The MagnaTek fuel conditioning system immediately improves fuel economy and engine performance, increases engine efficiency, and reduces pollution emissions.

The MagnaTek fuel conditioning systemworks on cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats.  Its proven technology is guaranteed to significantly reduce fuel costs and lower emissions permanently.

Simply strap the two halves onto the inlet fuel line, locating them before combustion chamber or fuel injection system.  

Be sure to install at least 12” away from the on-board computer.


Within a few days after installation, you should begin to notice an increase in power in your vehicle.  Allow a few weeks for the MagnaTek Fuel Conditioning System to clean the fuel injector nozzles and remove the varnish and carbon deposit build-up from the engine interior. By that time, you should begin to notice an improvement in gas mileage. 


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