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Installation of MagnaTek Gas Conditioning System

Simply installs on any natural gas inlet.... just before combustion

  • No cutting of pipes
  • No mechanical or electrical hookups
  • No downtime or maintenance to operate

Installation Instructions



Align two units opposing each other as shown (units will repel).  

Loosely fasten with tie straps (or bolt and wing nut) through holes on one side of units.  

Keep loose until step 2 is completed.



Place set around pipe just before combustion chamber and fasten other side as shown.  

Tighten until assembled set is secure along pipe and all magnet surfaces are making contact with the pipe.  

Spacing should be approximately equal on both sides.


Industrial Oven

Rooftop HVAC


Note:  Additional units may be required to ensure maximum flux saturation and optimal efficiency. Contact us for guidance in achieving best results.

Natural Gas System Installation Results & Observations


After 2-3 hours

  1. Reduced HC emissions
  2. Reduction in CO emissions
  3. Change in stack temperature
  4. Change in flame colour
  5. Higher flame temperature
  6. ncreased combustion efficiency

more complete combustion

hotter burn

more BTU output

Up to six weeks *

  1. Increased combustion efficiency
  2. Ability to reduce fuel flow while maintaining desired BTU output (this may be adjusted automatically or manually, depending on type of equipment and controls)

increased oxygenation

more complete combustion

hotter burn

desired BTU output achieved with less fuel

Long Term  
  1. Reduction in carbon, varnish and soot build up in equipment

more efficient operation

reduction in equipment maintenance

extended equipment life

*maximum magnetic flux saturation through the steel pipe can take up to six weeks

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