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Installation of MagnaTek Fuel Conditioning System into Diesel Powered Trucks, Buses, Heavy Equipment



Cummins and all others with single fuel lines from pump to the head (s)
  • Fuel line before the injector pump
  • Fuel line as it enters cylinder head
Detroit and all others with dual fuel lines from the pump to the heads
  • Fuel line before the injector pump
  • After pump on each fuel line 
International, Caterpillar and all others with exposed injection lines 
  • Fuel line before the injector pump
  • On each injector line

Be sure to install at least 12” away from the on-board computer.

Diesel Pump Adjustments

The best method of performance verification on diesel trucks and buses is to start with an emissions test (hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen).  Then install the proper MagnaTek system components and run the vehicle for about ten minutes.  Then take another emissions test and compare the data.

After the vehicle has gone through the stabilization period (approx. 2000 km), take another emissions test.  Then adjust the fuel pressure to restore the O2 level to where it was prior to the installation.  This is usually a very small adjustment.

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