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The MagnaTek No-Salt Magnetic Water Softener is manufactured by Magna-Tek Systems. Canadian owned and operated, we serve the residential and industrial marketplaces throughout the world.

In business for the past 15 years, MagnaTek specializes in magnetic fluid conditioning systems for industrial and commercial applications. MagnaTek has recently adapted this technology for the treatment of hard water in residential homes. Our naturally-working, cost-effective products are especially helpful to rural households and industries using well water.

Because we are committed to the safety of our customers—and the well-being of our planet—the MagnaTek No-Salt Water Softener and Descaler is both chemical and sodium free. We don't put chemicals into your water. And, just as importantly, we don't take essential minerals out of your water.

Our revolutionary clamp-on water magnets alter the ionic form of hard water contaminates such as calcium carbonate. Through simple physics, magnetized water prevents these particulates from crystallizing or forming lime scale. Instead, they remain suspended in the water flow while it passes through your plumbing system.

Water treated by MagnaTek magnets retains its magnetized state through up to 200 feet of pipe. Similarly, the magnetic effect lasts for up to 48 hours in stored water treated by MagnaTek magnets.

With MagnaTek water treatment magnets installed in your water system, you will not only have softer water…you will also enjoy the many benefits of magnetic water: cleaner tasting water, less residual build-up of deposits, and cleaner plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances.

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