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Easily Remove Hard Water Mineral, Calcium and Lime Stains Forever

Magnetic Water Softeners from MagnaTek are virtually indestructible
and completely maintenance-free.

They consume no energy and are completely safe for the environment.

MagnaTek clamp-on water magnets eliminate Mineral, Calcium and Lime Stains Forever.

MagnaTek’s Water Softeners Eliminate All Of These Problems:

  • Clogged water pipes.
  • White, crusty calcium deposits on faucets and shower heads.
  • White, crusty lime scale deposits inside tea kettles and coffee pots
  • Hard to remove film on shower tiles and doors

Benefits of MagnaTek’s Water Softeners:

  • Increased water pressure through cleaner water pipes
  • Cleaner fixtures and shower heads, shower doors and bathroom tiles
  • Calcium deposits accumulated before installation of magnets soften and wipe away easily
  • Cleaner appliances and kitchenware
  • Better tasting water, tea, coffee and mixed drinks
  • Better tasting recipes using water as a key ingredient

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